I have 3C hair and my hair is very fine and short , how do I grow it

my hair is see through thin when I straightened it. I've stopped straightening my hair now for about a year. I also trim it whenever it appears to have splits/breakage. I honestly don't believe there is much else to do to grow my hair. I'm fine with short thick hair or long thin hair  ... but I have short fine hair. I also don't know if any of those things online are true ... like put oil in your scalp... or try braids to lengthen your hair. Please Help Me

1 Answer

Try massaging your scalp with Jamaican black castor oil or coconut oil (depends on what your hair likes) once a week before you wash your hair or before you go to bed. Massaging your scalp increases circulation onto your scalp promoting hair growth.You don't know if it works for your hair unless you try it out. Hope this helped!