I have 3c hair & its lost almost all curl pattern in the front. What should i do? it's already short

I got a relaxer in 2012 when i began college and my hair became very damaged and lost a lot of curl pattern but I cut it and let it be healthy for a little while, however I was still straightening it. I got it bleached at the end of 2013 and went really short. It was fine until i died it back to brown and straightened it. I then noticed the front are COMPLETELY limp and have absolutely no curl pattern on the ends. It is much worst on my right side. Please help. I am desperate and look awful. Idk what to do. My mom is white and had never really known how to do my hair so I never knew how to take care of it. Below i've first attached before images and then after images.

1 Answer

I think your curl patter might be more 3b. If your hair isn't curling it's because of the relaxing, straightening, and/ or bleaching. It will curl again. You have to let it grow out or cut it. Another option is to transition by making your curl pattern different. To do this choose styles that blend the two textures such as braid outs, twist outs, bantu knot outs, curlformers, or even better flexi-rods. You can find tons of these tutorials on YouTube and all of them are heatless and chemical free ways to create curls while your front part grows out.  I love this on from CurlyPenny