when i was 7 i had wavy hair with twirly tips,now its straight.i cut my hair to be wavy again

.I was hoping that will get back the curly/wavy hair that i had once.what can i do now ti bring back my curls?should i shave my head or use some special products.ps: at a moment i had flaky oily scalp,my hair is falling and is very thin and fragile but im on treatment ,oh and i have very greasy hair ,please help me!!!!

1 Answer

What type of treatment are you on?  Is it a medication that can affect your hair?  If so you may want to do a little research on that.  Regarding your curl pattern.  There is no way to guarantee that your curls can come back but you did what anyone would suggest as an attempt and that is to cut your hair.  Point cutting is the best technique for the ends to help boost a little curl.  Now that your hair is cut, fund a curl boosting or curl defining product.  A mousse might be good because they are typically light, but it depends on the formula so read the bottle to see if it will give your curls a little shrink.  You may want to use a diffuser to dry while scrunching your hair,  as this will help boost the curl. Best wishes!