Why do I have such bad dandruff and why has nothing worked?

I have very dry and curly hair (3b/c curls) and dry skin and for several years I’ve had a severe dandruff problem. I feel I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried head & shoulders (which has pyrithione zinc), Nizoral (which has coal tar), Neutrogena salicylic acid shampoo, tea tree oil shampoos, topical treatments, and nothing’s worked. I get chemical hair straightening treatments every now and then and flat iron my hair once or twice a week, could that be a cause? I don’t think I can give those up (I get the Brazilian Keratin.) I also don't use that many products on my hair (usually just Argan oil or John Frieda Frizz-Ease), and I don't apply it near my roots.That being said, I still hear of many people solving their dandruff problem. So is there something else I can try, or is it possible there’s nothing that can treat my dandruff and I just have to live with it?

2 Answers

you can use Apple cider vinegar once a week or maybe bentonite clay , it really does help ,keep in mind that it will not be a fast result you gotta wait , and please stop flat ironing and doing all these things to your hair it's no good , i know it's hard but it's worth it , keep it in braids instead
Are you certain it's dandruff? I had some intense "dandruff" a few months ago that absolutely refused to respond to things like Selsun Blue and other medicated shampoos that had worked well in the past. My scalp was always itchy and flaking. I used jojoba oil for some mild relief, but it wasn't until I went to see a dermatologist that I found out I actually had some eczema developing on my scalp and around my ears. If nothing has worked and it's really bothersome (even without itching), I would definitely suggest talking to your doctor.