How do I best keep my hair healthy without having to buy expensive products?

I have 3b type curly hair. I recently got it cut because of bad split ends, (lack of moisture). 1, I want to keep my hair moisturized using inexpensive products, (easy recipes would be nice too.) 2, How often should I deep condition my hair for? and how long, with what? I sometimes use conditioner, coconut oil and honey, and do that for about an hour..

2 Answers

Honestly all you really need is a leave in conditioner and there are many cheap ones, an oil (coconut oil is probably the cheapest and it comes in a big container), a silicone free conditioner (treseme naturals is the cheapest and it comes in a big container) and shampoo. Look up some cheap hair care routines/products. For healthy hair you really dont need all that much! Deep condition your hair every time you wash it. A cheap deep conditioner is mix conditioner with honey and banana. Deep Conditon for about 1 hr with a plastic cap on your head. Good Luck x
If you wash with a sulfate shampoo one last time you can then switch over to V05 conditioner ($.75-1.50) as a co-wash for your hair which will help keep it from being dried out or stripped from regular shampooing. However, if you are using silicones in any of your products you will need to keep using a sulfate shampoo to clarify them off. I second the coconut oil and Tresemme Naturals conditioner which you can even use as a leave in. To refresh second day hair mix conditioner and water (distilled is best) in a spray bottle. Start with less conditioner as you can always add more. You can also use olive oil to deep condition. If you have low porosity hair you will need to use heat (hot towel wrapped around your head) to get the most out of your deep conditioning.