Should i big chop my hair? It wont grow in certain areas is always dry has no movement on wash n gos

My hair wont grow in certain areas from bad weave installations. Its wavy, curly, and losely coiled when wet. But it quickly loses its definition (even while wet) especially if i touch it. It becomes frizzy and poofy. Its thin also. I did a blow out and flat iorned it and shockingly it comes to armpit lengtg but its frail and thin. I just did a some what succesful wash n go with flax seed gel but it shrunk up to my head like a brillow pad. I wonder if i should bc it....but if its not growing in the middle that much....will it do the same if i bc it?? Thanks in advance

1 Answer

this is tricky ide definitely give it some time to try and repair itself before chopping it all off . Use curl defining creams and try doing twists and other styles that encourage the hair to curl. I had the same issue with getting my curls to bunch and have definition its been 5 months without any heat ot extensions and im so happy wih the state of my hair I was worried ide have to big chop. A little TLC goes a long way.