How do I get my curl pattern back from using a keratin conditioner on my natural hair?

I am a first time natural, been natural since October of 2015, i did the big chop in October got braids and had them for about a month and a half. Since removing them in mid December, i've been doing the LOC/LCO method and the curls have been poppin'! Needless to say, i need a trim since taking my braids down, i went a 'natural hair' stylists told her what i wanted, a trim and a blow out. So she cowashed my hair with Ogranix Keratin conditioner, sat me under the dryer and proceeded with the blow out - ok fine. Didnt' think anything of it because I thought she was a professional and knew what she was doing since she was 'natural hair stylist'. Well, it is the next day and wanted to wear it curly since i've had a fresh trim, well my hair bone straight and won't go back?!?! can anyone help??? how can i get it to revert back to its natural state?? PLEASE HELP!!

1 Answer

Keratin can be a bit finicky. I don't think the protein is all the way off of your hair. Get a good cleansing/detox conditioner to strip it off of your hair. I remember when I was transitioning I used a Keratin conditioner and it made my hair a bit straight, and I had to get the protein off of my hair completely to get it to curl again. Hair is mostly made of keratin but it works as a "smoother". I don't think your hair is damaged, however I am not completely sure.So try a good cleansing shampoo to completely eradicate the Keratin and follow up with good deep conditioner to replenish that lost moisture, and you should slowly but surely get your curls back.Good Luck! (let me know how this goes, if you're willing? :])