How do i get back my curls, help my hair grow and repair heat damaged hair?

okay so im 18 and already have heat damaged hair, my hair used to be curly, now its curly from the roots and straight from middle to ends, my hair keeps breaking and falling, im tired of straightening it, i want my curly hair back but dont wanna chop huge amount of my hair, im trying to cut back on heat but i was wondering if you guys have any tips?  :(

1 Answer

Well... as much as I HATE to say it... cutting the broken ends is the only real way you can get them back. I would know because I used to constantly straighten my hair and it didn't grow AT ALL... I had to bite the bullet and get it cut and it was an amazing decision because now I am conditioning and styling my natural hair like I should and I love and others seem to as well because I'll have strangers asking me what I do to my hair!After you get it cut, I suggest first reading up on the Curly Girl Method. :)