How can i get my curly hair back ??!!!

hi guys! I'm trying to get my natural curly hair back . All through high school I straightened it . I colored it. And iv had relaxers and kaitan treatments. Iv damaged my hair really bad. The relaxer grew out a little. My roots are curly but my mid shaft down is straight. I'm trying not to put hear to it anymore. Because I'm to lazy to anymore and because I want my hair to grow. I do take hair pills (biotin) and try not to wash my hair everyday but i have to because it gets so oily. Is there anything i can do to get it an even curl so i don't habe to put heat to it? If so what's some products? My mom is white with very curly and my dad is Puerto Rican with very curly hair. 

1 Answer

well the first step that you'd want to do is get a hair cut! Or "the big chop" some call it.I myself went through a rough time with damaged curly 3b hair. By cutting off all the damage, it will allow your hair to not only grow quicker, but become more healthy! It is vital that you deep condition with moisturizing products at least once a week. Any Shea moisture deep condition brand will do. Also, for growing it out after the big chop, do oil massages to your scalp once a week with pure castor oil you can get it at Sally's beauty! Don't forget to not use heat! The last important thing is to BE PATIENT! It can take months for it to be fully restored. So be patient with it and take good care! If you want good advice for curly hair then watch "SunkissedAlba" on YouTube ! She is great!