How can I have my curly hair back? Years of coloring and straightening!

Hello! I've been dying my hair blonde for almost 3 years, I would straighten it and I permed it twice. I stopped a few months ago and went back to my natural color. I am wanting my natural curls back for a while now! My curls were thick ringlets and very full! I see the ringlets producing at the base of my hair and I see little curls producing near my face and back of head. I am desperate to have my curls back! At the moment I am using a sulfate free healing and repairing shampoo and conditioner, and after I shower I put argon oil in my hair. My hair status at the moment is semi straight with a wave to it and near the roots ringlets wanting to appear and some frizz. It's like my curls are fighting to come back and I really want that to happen! I went to a water park the other day and I guess with the reaction to chlorine I saw a lot of ringlets in my hair! Perfect ringlets near my face and the back of my head. When I took a shower and waited for my hair to dry the perfect ringlets were gone. I need help desperately. I am looking for any remedy to get my hair back! I have not used heat for a good month or two. Please help! <3 (ps I have gotten two hair cuts since I colored my hair back, a major chop (12 inches of hair off) and a layering) I added a photo and the photo is my natural curly hair with out mouse and I am wanting that back! That was three years ago lol please help! 

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