Am I doing something wrong? {high density 3c hair}

I have thick 3c hair. I would say /3c3b because of my back side has a looser curl pattern but lets just stick to 3c because thats the majority of my hair, lol.When I did my big chop, my hair wasn't in the best state but it was something good to work with. For like the first two months, it was nothing but paradise but it seems that now as my hair is getting longer the health of my hair is declining. The naturally clumped curls are becoming more seperated and my hair sheds a ton (probably because I don't detangle throughout the week and I dont use a comb all the time), the roots are becoming SUPER coarse like this is the coarsest my hair has EVER been in my life and on top of that it is becoming less defined. I even tried taking advice from my kinker haired cousin but my all the product just travels down my hair and onto my face/neck.Basically my hair gets tangled/matted  very easily, I shed a lot, my hair seems very strong to that point that is brittle, is not very defined, and it lacks luster.I don't know if its because I don't detangle enough, I wonder if i have a protein deficiency, I'm not adding heat protectant before I go outside, the hairstyle I wear like 24/7 (halo braid), idk if its because my shampoo is too harsh, I'm washing it too often, im over conditioning..  I have no clue and I need help :(

1 Answer

My hair texture is 3C/4A and my hair is very soft despite a lack of combing, my hair does tangle but mostly on wash day since all of my shedding hair isn't removed through the week.I suggest you change your hair care routine. Switch out your shampoo to something gentle and sulfate free. If your hair is squeaking when it's washed that is a problem as it means your hair has been completely stripped of it's natural oils, Gentle shampoos have some slip to them and do not allow for hair to tangle much. When you pick your conditioners you have to think about the ingredient list and what your hair needs. If your hair is dry look for conditioners with heavier oils like shea butter and castor oil as those oils will help your hair retain moisture by sealing it in.  Some recommended lines TGIN and  Jamaican Mango & Lime -Jamaican Black Castor Oil Look for a good detangling product, I highly recommend one by Alikay Naturals called knots be gone. It helps give your hair some slip to be able to get stubborn knots out with ease. Also make sure your conditioner has a lot of slip to be able to detangle hair before using an external detangling product.  I believe your hair needs some protein to combat the shedding. Protein strengthen hair. Look for products with keratin, hydrolyzed silk protein, wheat germ oil, eggs, and so on as they help to strengthen your hair and reduce the amount of hair lost due to shedding. If you are not adding heat to your hair in any shape, form or fashion there isn't a reason to use a heat protectant. Most of those products contain a lot of silicone which isn't necessary if your hair isn't being exposed to high heat temperature. Make sure you keep your moisture/protein balance in check as too much of a good thing can be more harmful than good.