I don't know why i can see my scalp that clearly, my hair is thin and it's annoying me

i need to know any treatment for my hair, i condition it and wash it twice a week. I don't know what to doI want my hair to be thick so what should i do

2 Answers

Hair thinning could be due to poor diet or lack of a certain vitamin, medications, stress or even heredity.  I've personally noticed my scalp more now and this is after taking much better care of my hair compared to my teens and 20's.  The rest of your hair still looks very full and healthy.  I'm sure no-one notices except you.  Try to rule out any of the mentioned factors.
I agree with jovan, try some vitamins. Make sure to ask your Dr. to check for hypothyroidism or low iron, with a blood test. Also, you may want to try parting your hair in a different way . I ve seen some ladies part there hair (on youtube) at an angle or off to side , It might be worth a try. good luck