How do I easily find a salon for mixed hair types in MD or VA?

From what I see, my hair types are 2A, 3B and 3C.I messed up my hair months ago.. Under stress, I cut my hair and I really messed it up then. My anxiety has prevented me to go to a salon. I never have had good experiences with them either. This time though, I need to go it my hair will be awful forever. I caused damage and dryness. I used a razor comb while my hair was curly! Stupid.. Yhrn tried to fix it and it and cut too much. I need help. This isn't my hair :( The best hair I've had done was by a women mixed like me, but she cut my hair too much. That was also years ago. I need a salon that will understand my curly/wavy and even slightly straight hair. A salon they may even understand my anxiety. Near Baltimore, southern MD, or Northern VA..I've let these months go by when I should not have.Help..

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