I am getting excessive white flaking on my scalp. where do i start?

there are no other symptoms like itching. Where do i start? I dont think its dandruff

2 Answers

maybe the skin on you scalp might be sunburnt and flaking or just sheading skin, have you tried applying aloe vera to you scalp? this might help.( p.s. make sure aloe vera is fresh )
It depends of what type of flaking you're dealing with...1) if your scalp looks dry, white and small flakes - I would recommend oil your scalp before you wash your hair or overnight (100% oils , no silicones) like jojoba, olive, safflower, coconut etc.. If its dry try not to wash your hair as frequently, and don't use very hot water. 2)   But  if you hair is flaky , seems yellow thick scales, or sticky- you might have product build up or seborrheic dandruff - I  would try clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse.  Or shampoo called Nizoral. Its not cheap but treats this condition more effectively than head and shoulders. until you get it cleared up. Hope this helps.