How can I grow my 3b curls faster? Which hair supplements provide a fast result of growth?

my hair is armpit length & i want it to be to my waist. i really want long healthy hair- curls look beautifully long tbh. i want to try sugar bear hair or it works- hair skin and nails. it's so much longer straight but i rather but natural and achieve long curly hair. 

1 Answer

Well I would say based on my experience that I like the gummy Suagrbearhair ones. I can't take pills ess. early in the am because it makes me want to vomit..#gagreflex lol I tried cheapies but I'm leaning toward being a vegeterian and saw these like 5 months ago. A co worker was taking her so I tried them and they taste like freaking candy so I bought them. I really like them but was weary so I took pic and my hair grew a ton! I just got more because they have different packages and some come witha gift. My curls are behaving too! I love it.