How do I grow more hair?

I have very few and thin hair. Any help on natural products I could apply (maybe to my scalp)? Thanks

2 Answers

That question has a number of answers because hair growth can be affected by so many things.First of all, if you've noticed your hair is thinning, make sure you have visited your doctor and had your blood checked for any hormonal issues/deficiencies.If that's not an issue, hair vitamins can be very effective in making hair grow faster.  And if you're hair is really thinning, a product like Monoxidil might work well.
Thank you Michelle! Actually my concern is not the speed of my hair growth, or the length, but the amount of hair in my head. Just to clarify...But very helpful. Thank you!BTW I am trying massaging my scalp with coconut oil because in my country it is believed that coconut oil has the property of stimulating hair growth. If this is not OK I hope someone will warn me & stop me ^^