What can i do for my thin hair?

So I've never relaxed my hair before, hardly use direct heat (haven't straightened it in over a year) I moisturise with water daily, deep condtion once a week, don't manipulate my hair too much (mostly in protective styles) basically...I follow all the rules lol! Despite this, my hair has stayed at shoulder length for years and I have accepted that it probably will never grow past this length. I just don't seem to know why my hair is thin and seems to be getting thinner. The back is virtually see through and feels delicate. Hairstyles where the back is left out looks ridiculous so really limits my styling options. Anyone know any possible reasons to why the thinning might be? Any tips on how to tackle it? Anything to add to my regimine that might help?Thanks a bunch!

1 Answer

hi, I'm not a hair stylist but I've always tried to make my hair thicker. I dont really know because I don't have thin hair I have normal hair that just light. Anyway I would suggest taking biotin pills or using castor oil for half an hour before a showe and rinsing it out really well. Coconut oil works really well and almond oil. Also your hair is probably naturally thin & it's hard to get the aim of super thick voluminous hair. But for me I've always wanted the less messy way so I use biotin pills which grows back hair thicker and fuller! Hope this helped :)