What can I do so my hair doesn't look like a broom's end?

I want my hair to be more like soft and flowey. If I put a bit of hair out, it just stands up like the end of a broom stick. I'm beyond sick of it. I've spent so much money one things that promise soft hair, and my hair just feels dryer than before.  

2 Answers

Look for products with glycerin in it if you are looking for a soft feel.  Try Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  Most people feel their hair is really soft after using this.  You can also use leave in conditioners and oils to soften hair.  I find that a formula of Coconut oil followed by Shea Butter is a good combo.  Get yourself on a regular hair routine, making sure you are deep conditioning often with a moisturizing treatments and stay away from protein treatments while you are increasing moisture levels.
I would pre-poo with coconut oil, then use a sulfate or sulfate-free shampoo (moisturizing or clarifying) to clarify your hair (shampoo twice) then deep condition with your favorite deep conditioner (do it as long as you want). Then style your hair as normal. I have fine strands and I find when my normal moisturizers aren't working, it's because I have product build up and too much co-washing in my regimen. Thats why i shampoo once a week (doing the exact steps I told you) and my hair snaps back to perfection every week. If you thnk about it this way, shampoo is soap and conditioner is lotion for your hair. Co-washing is great for refreshing your style without taking out moisture but eventually you do need to shampoo to remove build up. Imagine how dirty you would feel if you went into the shower and used lotion just to keep your skin soft (that's why they make soap with moisturizers in them so you get clean and not have dry skin). Hope that helps!