how can i get my hair back to being the nice ringlets it used to be before i started straightening?

i was born with beautiful curls. as i got older i started straightening it a lot. and that has caused me to lose my natural ringlets, at the back under all my hair its still curly but everywhere else has completely lost its definition, and its not as thick as it used to be. i just need some help on how to restore my curls back. im 100% determined. im done with heat.   

1 Answer

Cut it off! Deep conditioning and protein treatments could help restore some curl & health but that will not achieve the natural glow you seek. Using heat on your hair permanently breaks down the curl structure so there is no going back. Either chop off all your damaged hair or trim your hair periodically to remove the damage. If you are looking for good deep conditioners for 3a hair here are a couple that have worked for me:treat damage -- softness -- protein -- luck!!