I have hypothyroidism and blood came back very low ,my hair is falling out very bad ,breaking brittl

The Dr. just put my med's for hypothyroidism about 2 weeks ago ,but every time I was my hair I can see that I have so much hair loss that I think I may have to have my hair cut short .I can't help but cry every time because I have grown my hair out for 17 years and to see it all going and trying any thing to put moistener back so I can keep my length .   

2 Answers

Hi ! A few things that might help are taking Biotin Pills. ALso, you may have low iron( have dr check this) you could take iron pills. You may want to switch to sulfate free shampoo, and wash every other day or 3days. Make sure your getting enough water and decent diet. Stress also plays a role I hair loss. So , I know its hard but try not worry over it. Hair loss comes in phases and normal. And if It comes to it maybe embrace a different hairstyle. Good luck. Ive been there fine, 2b hypothyroid.
Ps - forgot to mention to be gentle with your hair . Your body will adjust to medications , this is normal. Now my hair is growing back and healthy