I have no idea what products will help my 20 month old daughters hair to grow. When combed if falls

At 9 months old I made the mistake of using Johnson & Johnson detangling spray on my daughters hair.  It not only changed the texture of her hair but her hair fell out!!! She is now 20 months and the spots that were real bad has grown back but her hair does not stay moisturized. I have used Carols daughter, shea moisture, vitamin e oil, pine tar, coconut oil, cantu, creame of nature and other different types of natural hair products none of them keep her hair moisturized. I wash it with shea moisture antibreakage shampoo and conditioner every week. I even brought her a satin pillow case!!! No matter what I use her hair drys up within an hour of moisturizing her hair. When i comb it or run my hands thru it her hair breaks off!!!!! Heeeelllppp!!!!

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