I just recently stop straining my hair. I want to start my natural journey.I have no idea wat 2 do!

I'm type 4b/4c 

2 Answers

First of all, congratulations on beginning the journey! 1.I would go to a salon and get ALL the dead ends cut off.  2. Research.  Find a deep conditioner, daily conditioner, and cleanser you want to try.  Reviews can be helpful, but keep in mind the same product might work beautifully for someone and horribly for someone else.3. Stick to it.  When you find products you are ready to try, use them regularly, if you don't see immediate results like the next day, don't give up.  Keep using them until you're sure it doesn't work for you.  Then try something else. That's how you avoid becoming a product junkie. The consensus in curly hair world right now is sulfate free shampoos and silicone free conditioners. Start there.4. Listen to your hair! Everyone has answers, but you are the ultimate authority on what works for you.Best of luck!  :D!!!!!!!!!!