When I was little I had very curly hair.since then I've straightened,etc how do I get that back

when I was little I had extremely curly hair and since then I've straightened, brushed it hard, things like that and now I want to get that back without cutting off a lot of my hair. How do I do that?

1 Answer

The truth is that damage is irreversible. It's irreversible because the hair grows outside the body making hair strands dead particles. You more than likely have severe damage from all the years of aggressive handling and heat styling of your hair. When hair has minor damage from heat and over-manipulation it can be managed but years of excessive damage requires a cut. You can either gradually cut your hair damaged ends off keeping them tucked away in protective styles or you can cut all the damage out and start fresh. My suggestion is to cut away the damage because the point at which the healthy and damaged hair meet will start to break very easily.