I lose a lot of hair when I wash. Is this normal ?

when I wash my hair is always once a week I tend to lose a lot of hair. Like a palm size amount of hair. I feel that this is not natural. 

3 Answers

I used to ask myself the same thing, but I asked the same question on here a while back. It's because our hair already sheds through out the day and the time it comes to wash, it looks like you lost it all right then and there. When really it's just the build up of it all through out the week
It may or may not be a lot depending on how much you detangle per week. If you don't detangle as much,, those are the hairs that get caught but don't fall out until wash day. You lose about 100 strands a day, so if you're not detangling but once a week, seeing ~600 strands of hair may be normal. HOWEVER, if you are detangling and have shedding that is not to your liking, then you may need a protein treatment to strengthen snapping strands. It may be breakage if the hairs are somewhat shorter and frizzy looking. Or your hair may just be a little dry, and you need a good deep condition. Brittle, dry hair is prone to break and fall out. So you may need to look into a protein or deep treatment :)Good Luck!
Hi,The day you wash your hair you can lose 150 to 200 strands.