Why am I losing hair randomly ?

I'm 17 and I've been natural since November 2013 . Last year (around April 2015) I had to do a second big chop because of extreme heat damage . Ever since its been going good , up until now .I've noticed when I run my hands through my hair , strands or mini tufts of curls will come out . Its really scaring me , I try to stay on top of my hair and I have no idea what could be causing this . Its been happening for about 2 months now .I twist my hair almost every night to help keep it stretched . When i am done , i find my sink covered with hair . The twist are usually large though , and not tight . I also don't drink as much water as I should . Could that be a possibility ? I just feel like this isn't regular shedding.

1 Answer

Igf you've been continuing to use heat, it may be that your hair is heat damaged again. It is also possible that your hair might be suffering from overmanipulation. Twisting your hair every night might be causing a problem without knowing it (see what happens when you stop doing that). Other than that it may just be early alopecia/ balding :\ You may just have to see a doctor (I think a dermatologist about it ). I hopes this helps and good luck with your hair :)