I love the look of my curls when they're wet.How do I maintain the curl pattern once my hair is dry?

6 Answers

My hair as it drys gradually gets frizzier. Leaving conditioner in tends to prevent it from getting frizzy and holds the shape. Plus your hair stays wet longer when you add conditioner. Hope that helps a bit.
Leave-in conditioner is a great idea! Also, don't touch your hair throughout the day.
Could you gals tell me what conditioner/leave-in you use?
I think there is a product called curl keeper, which is supposed to maintain wet look. Check it out! 
There's something called the "Max Hydration Method" which is supposed to help type 4 hair keep that moisturized, wet look all day. Here's an article about it. I have dry 3C hair, and I love these leave-ins (mixed with your fave oil) to seal freshly washed hair:ApHogee Moisture Rich Leave-InDesign Essentials Avocado Leave-In
can someone explain this to me.. that's how i look when it's  dry