Can I make my curl pattern more uniform?

I have been cg for almost 9 months now. The right side of my head has curls that are SO MUCH tighter and more uniform than on the left. Also the bottom layer of my hair is nearly straight. Because of this (and the fact that my curls/waves don't start at the roots) detangling is easy. I can use my tangle teezer on dry hair before cowashing without any issues. But is there any way that I can make the left side of my hair have more defined waves and give the bottom some definition after washing? I understand that it is normal for people to have varying curl patterns but it is just SO frustrating and my hair looks kind of awkward when I am not wearing it half-up.**Pics are of the left and right sides of my hair after being cowashed and w/no additional product 

1 Answer

I suggest you try finger coiling. It's a great method and can give you great results!