What can I do to make my hair less frizzy, less chaotic, easier to manage, and not be so expensive

The first image is from a few years ago, where I made the tragic mistake of cutting it because it was too much work. It's been since then that I've had such trouble! Since 2012, I've had relaxers (which had been helpful, actually, just really expensive) and bought so many products that said they helped curly hair, but nothing ever works on mine because it isn't really specifically one way or another at this point. I do have calico hair, and I hate that, so I've had the color altered a few times. I have found products that work with my hair, but 16 dollars for a bottle of Mizani serum is a little over my budget. I'd get another relaxer if I could, but again, I'm very low on money. My hair is so dry that it no longer holds moisture. I'm in a crisis because my self-esteem is very low already, and I love having straight, easy-to-manage hair. Can anyone help me with my dillema?*1st photo from 2012 I think. details: haircut.*2nd photo from 2013 *3rd photo from 2013 (I think I started getting relaxers (I've had three since about July of 2013-I've only had 3 treatments)*4th from 2014*5th 2014*6th is this year, what it looks like straightened by a professionalMy regular texture is growing back in (about 3 inches) and everyone has told me there's nothing I can do until it completely grows, unless I relax it again. (Which is fine) .It's been about 6 months since my last treatment. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. You're my last hope!

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