How can i make my hair grow long?

my hair is short and i want it to grow but i want to see results.

2 Answers

In order to see results you must be patient. Protective style often and follow a simple regimen. Eat healthy, exercise as much as you can afford, and massage your scalp. To get faster growth you need to stimulate your scalp, but faster growth absent generally healthy hair is pointless as your hair will not retain length. So, though it may be growing faster, breakage and damage will cause you NOT to see any change in length. Focus on having healthy hair and protecting your ends- you will see growth and results.There are a number of "growth" recipes on this website, but the one common denominator you will see in all of the recipe's "how to use" directions will be massaging the scalp or DC'ing weekly which are both "healthy hair practices" I know this is not the answer you were looking for but after jumping on MANY "grow faster" bandwagons, I've come to learn that the basics work the best and provide the MOST LONG LASTING results. Change your way of eating to promote healthy hair. Change your lifestyle to promote HEALTH in general. Protect your ends so you will retain length. Use nourishing products and not those that are heavy with "bad" chemicals. Love your hair for what it is. It will grow. Trust me.Just FYI, an average rate of growth is 1/4-1/2 inch per month, more or less depending on genetics. Technically, after one month of protective styling and a healthy regimen, you should see "results". 3-6 months is ideal for measuring noticeable changes in length.
I grew my hair by taking Biotin pills, which by the way, gave me amazing results! I also use oils on my scalp and seal my ends with oil! I use a combination of extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, and canola oil! You can find a whole bottle at Walmart in the food section. If you want more "faster" results, I recommend the inversion method. 7 days a week, once a month, you massage your scalp with oil for a full minute then you hold your head upside down for 3-4 minutes! Be careful, do not do this while your pregnant and if you feel dizzy or like your about to faint pick your head up slowly. If you want, you could either co-wash it out.. or you could leave the oil on your scalp until wash day. If you are prone to build-up i suggest you co-wash. Hope this helps.