How do I make my hair grow long and healthy

How can I make my hair grown long and healthy after having damage hair

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Trim off the damage, either bit by bit as your hair grows or all at once. If you are used to using heat, try to greatly minimize (or stop altogether) the use of heat tools. Stay away from chemical processing, including color and even keratin treatments. Treat your hair with care as you would a fine fabric, like cashmere. Wash it with care by massaging your scalp deeply with your cleanser. Don't scrub or rub your hair. If its long enough, wash it in at least four braided or twisted sections to minimize tangles and shrinkage which can cause more tangling. Smooth and gently squeeze the section you are working on with the cleanser, working it down from the scalp. Use a sulfate-free cleanser. Be sure to condition and detangle under the water stream with fingers or a wide tooth comb. Test out whether your hair accepts your moisturizer/leave-in better with your hair wet or damp and then follow that rule. Seal in moisture with an oil and re-braid or twist the hair to keep it stretched or to prepare for another low-manipulation, stretched style.Let your hair dry in braids or twists and then leave them in for your protective style if they look neat enough to wear out (If you do this, still moisturize you hair daily or every other day if needed) or take them out and choose another style (mini twists, loose mini twists, cornrows, an updo) something you can leave in your hair for several days and just refresh with a spritz of water, some moisturizer and bit more oil to seal (focus on your ends and other areas that feel especially dry). The idea is to keep styling and re-styling to a minimum to minimize breakage. You could also do that by wearing cornrows or braids or african threading your hair and wearing a full wig over it. Whatever suits your routine and preferences. Cover your hair with a satin scarf or cap at night. To feed your hair growth, Eat healthy–get your protein in (nuts, eggs, fish, meat, dark leafy greens), cuz that's what hair is made of and eat the proper number of servings of fruits and veggies. And drink lots of water (the best source of inner moisture and softness for your hair), choosing it over soda or other sugary drinks.(click on the bolded phrases for examples)Be patient and watch your hair grow long healthy and strong!I hope that helps!