What can I do to make my hair healthy?

When I was twelve years old I started dying my hair. It was an obsession for me. I'd dye it a new color every month or so which caused a lot of breakage and broke above my shoulders. I use to straighten my hair a lot and I still do. (not as much) But I know it's still not good for your hair. I don't dye my hair as much anymore. I'll only do it once my roots start showing through and it looks bad and I've cut my straightening down to only twice a week. I try to let my hair stay it's natural way, but it seems the shampoo I'm using doesnt do anything for my curls and makes them look flat and I've noticed a lot more frizz with them so I end up having to straighten it. My hair is a bit healthier now. I only wash it twice a week and it's now past my shoulders, but not by a lot. I still have split ends and bad breakage even though I'm getting trims. I also noticed white dots on the end of my strands. I was wondering what those were?  Ultimately my question is what can I do to get my healthy hair back and to stop breakage and what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you recommend?  

1 Answer

do some research to find a good shampoo and conditioner. You want to make sure they are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. Try to stop straightening your hair. Wear your hair curly to the salon next time you have it trimmed and have it trimmed while it's dry- not wet! This way you might like the way it looks when it's curly better. Most of our hair health comes from what we eat- vitamins b12, a, and e are essential. So is lean protein. Google types of foods that are good for your hair! You said your hair is frizzy when you wash it, try a cleansing conditioner and look into the no-poo method. I've tried this and settled on a low-poo hair diet for myself. Frizz can also be caused by the friction to your hair when washing, instead of a washing motion, massage the scalp and comb product through ends with fingers. If you use a towel when you get out of the shower this is bad for your hair, again the friction causes frizz, so use a large, soft t-shirt, or even an absorbent bandana. Don't rub your hair with it, but rather squeeze the wetness out. Frizzcan also be caused by lack of moisture. Add a nickel size of hair oil to your hairs ends and work through to the top of the hair with fingers or wide tooth comb. NEVER brush your hair, especially when it's dry. You could also try a curl cream or anti-frizz cream while hair is damp, and use heat protector ANY time you put heat on your hair! If you want to blow dry your curls, put a diffuser on your blow dryer and set the heat to high with the lowest speed possible to avoid frizz. Hope this helps!