What can I do to make my hair softer or if not soft at least help the ends?

Ok so I've been "natural"  or I guess transitioning since I still have a lot of relaxed hair pieces  for two years and Recently  I big chopped part of my hair  in the back so the rest can stay straight for my mom . So I figure why not practice on that piece of hair now so I can know what products to use in the future.No matter what I do  or use it just seems like it dries my hair out. I've tried leave in conditioners  Dc ,oils ( also hot oil  and pre poo) and ,butters, gels ,LCO LOC, cg ,green house ,diy treatments ,low manipulation plastic cap  heating   , Clay ,etc. but nothing works I believe I'm low porosity when the last time I checked also I'm  maybe 3c  4a and 3b But mainly 3c  I thought about steaming but when I did it manually with a cap and towel  my hair just felt mushy and still dry.

1 Answer

Are you sure what you are feeling is actually dry and not just the "texture" of the hair? A deep conditioning should moisturize  and soften your hair. I am low porosity but can feel the difference when I do that. My hair is very smooth so it's easier to feel the difference but you may be achieving more moisturized hair than you think. I found the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura oil to be very moisturizing (too much for me) and also the Yucca line can also make hair soft! Just remember that w/ low po hair the oils will likely sit on top. I find just a little leave in on my ends on sopping wet hair before my styling products works. Your hair is much curlier so that may not work for you. I hope you get some more feedback and can find a happy place with this issue! Best.