How can I manage my difficult curly hair?

My hair is getting me very fustrated and I dont even know what my actual curl pattern. When I was younger my hair was not curly, but when I reached around the age of 7 my hair became wavy and poofy. By the time I was around 13-14 my hair got to the point where I just always put it up.The crown/front area is coily and corscrew curls and as it makes it way to the back of my head, the curls become ringlets, then spirals, and then wavy curls. Some of the strands tend to be droopy and not even curl and there are some strands of my hair that are very dry, and others that are too oily. Can someone please help me.

1 Answer

I can relate!When I have my hair down, it looks like a mess after a while.My tips:Condition! -It is important so you can keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Keep shampooing to a minimum, or don't do it at all.No heat! -Flat irons or hair dryers can be damaging to hair over time. To dry your hair, use a diffuser. It dries more hair at a time and distributes it more evenly.Sleep on Silk! -Wear a silk bonnet or sleep on a silk pillow to keep hair even and not messy. I got my silk bonnet at my local Meijers for $3.99 :)Comb, Don't Brush! -Brush hair dry causes frizz and can ruin and break curls. Combing, on the other hand, won't. Combing in the shower is a GREAT way too!Be proud! -I have always been more shy about letting my natural curls out. But, I'm starting to just let it go and love them. Don't worry about what others think.I hope I helped!