Do i need to cute my hair or do a big chop ?

So almost 2 years ago i went natural. For me meaning no heat. Things have been great. But about a month ago my hair just completely stopped responding. Nothing works. I deep condition, do hot oil treatment, daily moisturization, but no matter what my hair no longer soaked any of the moisture up, its a dry frizzy tangly mess. when my hair is wet i can feel it like it shut everything out. it feels like when you use shampoo and it just strips your hair. 

2 Answers

Are you still using silicones? What you describe sounds exactly like what silicones do to our hair..
you need to clarify your hair then use a natal deep conditioner like Camille Rose naturals, SheaMoisture, or a homemade treatment to actually nourish your hair then your hair should return back to normal and you can go back to using your original products