I need a very moisturizing shampoo and help with protein I suppose

I used shampoo since my scalp was itchy, it was supposed to be moisturizing but my hair felt in the middle. Like it didn't feel moisturized but it didn't feel dry either so I'm confused about that. Also it seems I have too much breakage. I thought I was doing good by alternating between a moisturizing deep conditioner and cholesterol(which I thought was protein) but after a bit of research I discover they're basically the same thing. :/ Any insight? So now I need a good protein conditioner to try out to help strengthen my hair since apparently it's being very well moisturized lol. Any suggestions?? (And im transitioning so i know thats a big factor too) 

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From my knowledge and research, I believe you should stray away from shampoos for about 6 weeks and go co-wash because it still provides the necessary cleanse while moisturising your hair at the same time. As for protein, it can be tricky if you overload yoursrlf with too much protein, it can back fire and start to not produce any. I suggest a vitamin or supplement to aid in that. Hope I helped in some way!
It's a tough balancing act to get just the right amount of moisture and protein in your hair to keep it healthy and flexible. I have been a Hairdresser many years and tried many different regimes on my clients. Honestly,the Macadamia Professional products are life changing and that's why I chose to work with them. They have done all the work for you.  All the products contain the Pro Oil Complex which is a therapeutic  blend of Macadamia and Argan oils rich in Omega 7,5,3 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply yet weightlessly nourish and repair hair from the inside out ! It doesn't just lay on the surface of the hair like other conditioners. Depending on your hair type you can get Weightless Moisture, Nourishing Moisture and Ultra Rich Moisture. There is also a suds free cleansing conditioner.Once you decide what you need the other key is to be gentle and treat you hair like a fine delicate fabric. Gently massage your scalp but don't rough up the mid-strands and ends of your hair. Start your conditioner at the ends and work up to the scalp. They need the most amount of moisture. Gently scrunch your hair into an absorbent towel after washing it, never rough dry it. Spray on Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist and use your fingers if possible to comb through it. If you need a comb, use a wide tooth, bone comb. If using heat to style your hair, be sure your dryer is on high heat but low air and keep it moving.In the beginning use the Nourishing Moisture Masque in place of your conditioner every other wash. As your hair begins to heal and come back to life you can use it just once a week as a maintenance product. And rememeber, it took a while for your hair to get damaged, be patient, stick with the routine and give it a little time. It will be beautiful again before you know it.
Was going to answer, but it looks like you already got two great answers!