How should I take proper care of my low porosity hair?

I've been transitioning for a LONG time yet I haven't seen any improvement in my hair. My curls used to be very bouncy when I was a little girl (3a-3b) but I've lost that pattern due to heat damage and dying my hair so much. It was straight and when I get out of the shower it has no pattern at all and it gets so frizzy. Some days I just get so frustrated because I can't rock my hair on its natural state. At the bottom, my hair is currently a 3a-3b but at the top it varies from 2a-2c. A few days ago I decided to put coconut oil in my hair and when I washed it off my hair felt even worse. I don't know what to do with it to be quite honest. I keep getting split ends even though I don't use heat AT ALL, I don't dye my hair anymore, I get trims every once in a while and my hair is barely ever tied up. What should I do with it?

1 Answer

Coconut can mimic protein in your hair and it sounds like your might be protein sensitive with your low porosity. You might also have some mineral build up from hard water? Look into that I remember once reading something about a treatment that can help with that. But in the mean time, make sure you are not using products that have protein as you are continuing to layer it on your hair which can make it hard. Shea Moisture just came out with a Low Porosity line, I think it's at Target or CVS. Kinky Curly Knot Today is a good leave in conditioner for LP hair. You might even find some benefit in doing a Baking Soda rinse to lift the cuticle and then using some kind of conditioner for moisture w/o protein. Grapeseed oil is a lightweight oil that might be able to sneak into your tight cuticles and shouldn't have any negative reactions and heat or steam will always help your hair absorb more of whatever you are using. Look on YouTube I've seen lots of others who have such sensitivity use discuss what they use and what they avoid, you might get some good ideas. Good luck!