Should I take my protective style out because of a scalp reaction?

I have had extensions since July 5th. I have been having problems since day 1. However, I need a protective style as I am going to a business conference and I do not want my strands exposed to the different chemicals and such in the air.When I first got my hair done, my scalp was burning! It itched so bad.  Through lots tea tree oil, medicated braid spray, and a few days time, the burning, crawling, itching sensation subsided. As these were the only symptoms I had, I chalked it up to an allergic reaction to some product on the stylist's tool that came in contact with my scalp during the braiding process because this is when the symptomatology began. Now, I have SCABS in the area of the reaction. Should I remove the hair now; pamper my strands and scalp; and rock my fro through the conference and sketchy air?OrShould I keep the hair in through the conference and focus on my hair and scalp afterwards?

1 Answer

You should immediately take off those extensions. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You should rock your fro.