I have really damaged hair from heat and lack of care. what should I do?

It's straight at the bottom and wavy at the top. Probably due to all my damage. I don't want to chop it off because it's long. Can it be reversed?

2 Answers

If you don't want to cut your hair, just do protective hair styling because I've straightened my hair a few times and got some heat damage along the way so I made a vow to not straighten my hair until about the end of the year.But if most of your hair is majority straight just cut it  off but if you don't just be patient and let it grow back out so it will be to your ends then cut them off.. But maybe you should cut them every six weeks or every 2 weeks so the straits are mostly coming off.
I agree with protective styling and little to no heat in the hair. Maybe you can try low manipulation hairstyles like braids or twist, keeping the scalp oiled with castor oil or coconut oil and drinking lots of water may help restore your hair. It won't happen overnight but sticking to a hair care regimen will make all the difference in the long run.