I recently bleached my hair & lost my curl pattern. How do I regain it ?

picture below is what my hair type was like before I bleached it. now it's limp & dry & won't curl of wave up at all. 

2 Answers

Deep condition once or twice a week, don't straighten or put any type of heat on it, that will damage it further.
Hi Dolores, I recently bleached my hair too! I found that the first week or so after I bleached it my hair wouldn't curl either, and I was afraid I had lost my curls. I think my hair was in shock, but after that first week it pretty much went back to curling and waving the way it used to. It definitely is still more brittle and damaged, but that is what happens when you bleach. The best remedy I have found for this is doing a protein treatment once a week, washing as little as possible, and conditioning a lot.Here's a video I did about the products I've been using.Hope that helps!