How do I regain my tight curls that have gone limp?

Hello! I loved my curly 3a/3b combo hair! It had tons of volume, beautifully defined tight curls with sparatic looser (3a) curls. However, I've noticed that little by little my curls appear to be limp. I'm not sure if they have lost their elasticity or if the curls are in fact damaged. I don't straighten my hair, the most heat I ever use is what my hair gets from a diffuser. However, as my curls have loosened (looking limp with less body) I've also noticed it takes twice the amount of time to blow dry my hair. I'm so confused! I've been researching how to correct the problem, and ran across the topic of porosity. I took a quiz on Shea Moistures website, and discover I have high porosity. So I'm guessing I need to tackle that issue, and incorporate protein. I've done my second Aphogee protein treatment today. I don't see a noticeable difference -- and I'm starting to get disappointed. I tried the CG method, tried devacurl -- but I haven't found the right rhythm. PLEASE HELP! :(

1 Answer

I don't have the same texture as you, but I do have high porosity hair, and used to have a similar issue. I would suggest starting with a look at the ingredients in the products you're using. Two things that can build up and cause limp curls over time are silicones and polyquaterniums (like quaternium-11 or some other number). If you discover these in your products, they can be removed with a clarifying shampoo containing C14-16 olefin sulfonate (it's not a sulfate despite the similarity) like Pure & Basic.  And other ingredients may just disagree with your hair. In my case, a process of elimination revealed that my hair doesn't like glycerin, lanolin, sugars (anything ending in . . .crose), or propylene glycol (not a natural Ingred anyway), especially if they were listed in the first five ingredients. These things made my hair feel "overconditioned" and fuzzy, also mushy when wet. One of the best things I ever did was clarifying and starting over. My hair loves coconut oil and Aloe Vera and a simple regimen. It may take time and patience to figure out what's best for your hair-- knowing your porosity is going to help a lot as you keep researching. Check out the hi-po YouTubers for some good tips.  Hope this helps some. Good luck!