I relaxed my hair 2 years ago and now it is natural. My curls seem smaller, is this because of heat?

I cut my straight ends in June and have been straightening ever since then so it will grow. and it has grown a lot! I'm leaving it natural sometime this week, but I've noticed my curls look smaller and they were usually 3b, however when they dry they look 3b/c. Is this because of heat damage? Will my curls change overtime if I don't use any heat, and just air dry? Or can this be related to the length of my hair?

1 Answer

Usually when its heat damage you're dealing with, your curls do not get tighter, instead they usually become a lot looser! It could be because the length of your hair. I read that as hair grows, some will actually shrink up more while others may become bigger because of the weight. I hope I helped some! :) x