Can I reverse my curly hair damaged by bleach?

Last summer I bleached my hair about 4 times over the course of a few months. The first few treatments didn't damage my hair as much as the fourth one did, and it came out feeling like a broom after I'd finished the last bleaching my hair will ever get. A few months later, I got 4 or 5 inches off and dyed my hair for the last time. I miss my beautiful 2c/3a curls. My hair doesn't quite curl anymore, it more of hangs in limp waves and is greasier than normal. Is there a process I can go through to get my healthy hair back, or is there possibly a product to help my hair?

1 Answer

There is no way to reverse bleach damage. I'm on the same page as you are and I had to cut all the bleached parts, but the dyed parts lost all of their definition and seem lifeless. What helped was doing a protein treatment. That's what you can do, do a deep conditioning with protein, it will help but eventually you will have to cut all the damage, so you can ge it really short or nurture it to grow and then cut it, meanwhile do deep conditioning, protein and try to stay away from heat.