I have scalp psoriasis and I am transitioning to being a natural girl and I don't know good products

scalp psoriasis .. In need of some good healthy products to start my curls . I haven't had a perm for almost a year . Half of my hair is curls and the rest are straight but I don't want to do the big chop .

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I feel for you. I have dermatitis of the scalp. From what I know scalp psoriasis itches like crazy. I don't know many good products to use for it as I live in South Africa and CG friendly products that are kind to your scalp and 2c curls are limited. I can advise you that co-washing may not be for you as it can make an itchy flaky scalp worse. Rather use a gentle medicated shampoo on your scalp for your wash and then follow by your preferred CG friendly conditioner. Alternatively through trial and error find a natural based shampoo to cleanse your scalp. I love Naturalmente's Fennel & Geranium Shampoo and Conditioner for curly hair. It moisturizes/boosts my 2c curls and soothes my scalp at the same time. It is an Italian brand that can be purchased online by the way so have a look and see if you can get it in your country.
Hey breshuna33! I answered your question in the How to Transition with Your Scalp Condition article. Let us know how it goes!
Hi, I also have psoriasis and have tried so many combos of products (many of them expensive). What works for me is washing my hair twice a week with Neutrogena T-Gel for the itchy scalp & excessive flakes. Once a week I use coconut oil as a deep treatment: I rub the solid form into my scalp, then warm up a few spoons in the microwave (about 30 seconds on 40 or 50% power) to run through the ends. I put on a shower cap and wait 20 minutes then wash it out. I use a moisturizing conditioner afterwards to make sure I can comb through my hair. This has been more effective for me (and cheaper, too!) than the salon quality products that cost so much.