Am I shampooing too much? And could it be drying my hair out?

my routine:Reg shampoo every other weekClarify every 6 weeks 

2 Answers

Oh nononono! You are absolutely not drying your hair out! that's not the prob here. what shampoo do you use?
I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO REPLY!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT! Ok, Umm.. well i don't know you like that but you either don't sleep on a silk pillow case at night, your moisturizer is not so effective (if it's awesome, then keep on using it!; otherwise I suggest SheaMoisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie!), or it's being exposed to alotta sun, or your deep conditioner is not so effective (if you love it, than ignore this but  otherwise i suggest you use my "Banana-Colada Conditiona" diy which is in the recipes section or you can use Curl Junkie's Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix). Those are all the possible possibilities. I don't think that made sense... ANYWAYS remember to also drink water! When you read this, can you reply so I know you actually benefited from this because I feel really bad that I forgot about your question and I hope you didn't just forgot about me because I love (obsessed) with hair care and I LOVE to help people with their hair pwobwems! For, I am a HAIR-THERAPIST!Hope I Helped!- Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Olds