What can I do to stop my hair from falling out/shedding?

It has been falling out/shedding for 4 to 6 months, I've been taking 2,000mcg or 20mg of Biotin for the last month (before that i was taking a lower dose). I was taking a prescription weight loss pill and I flat ironed my hair everyday for about 8 weeks, 3 months later it started to shed. I never shed hair before this, I rarely had hair in the brush after detangling. I've been to my doctor and he didn't provide a solution or a cause. Every time I touch my hair there is shedding. What should I do? 

1 Answer

protein treatments like hair mayonnaise (ORS) can help and also jamaican black castor oil makes your hair stronger and thicker , make sure you eat food that has protein like eggs , you should let your hair do it's thing stop using heat , and usually hairstylists can help you and give you some advices , just make sure you get your blood checked or something maybe it's something on the inside , go to a different hospital