Why do I have one strand of hair that is extremely long ?

well , last week I found a strand of my hair that was about 2 inches longer then the rest of my hair . I tugged at it to find out that it was actually attached to my head !I didn't understand why it was so long , and I got frustrated and pulled it out.And today , while in the pool , I raked my finger through my hair to find another single strand of hair about 3-4 inches longer than the rest of my hair . It is attached to my head still , but i don't know why it is there. Is that how long my hair is supposed to be ? Did it grow rapidly ? Why won't the rest of my hair do this ? Lol. 

3 Answers

Did you get your hair cut dry?  I have some hair that's much longer when wet than the others surrounding it, but when it's dry it all makes sense.  Or your stylist could've just missed a couple of random hairs--it happens.  If it really bothers you, you could trim individual pieces with sharp hair cutting scissors.
or maybe its a couple of pieces that are naturally straight?  I have two pieces at the back of my head that are perfectly straight and look really stupid sitting on top of my canopy of 3b/c hair, but that's how it curls(or doesn't curl)
Don't pull them out! Just like eyebrows, if you "over-pluck", the hair may not grow back. Just trim them back to fit the rest of your head. Like Ondulee said, they are probably a straighter texture than the majority of your head, which makes them seem to grow significantly faster. I have a bunch of pin-straight hairs (thanks, Dad!) that I trim back to hide in my mass of 3C curls.