When I stretch my hair it becomes straight/wavy?

Whenever I stretch a strand of my hair, it straightens(btw I have 3c/4a hair)  I suspect protein and if so, please recommend some ground protein treatments with no silcones.

1 Answer

yeah it looks like moisture overload to me , i did use a couple of protein treatments when i had moisture oveload , i used a hair mayonnaise protein treatment from ors it was pretty good my curls looked amazing but be careful don't use too much it will make your hair oily it has silicones btw and it didn't really balance my protein/moisture level maybe after a couple more uses i'll be good but I'm impatient so i used aphogee 2 step protein treatmand it got over my moisture overload for sure instead i got protein overload so you gotta be careful with protein treatments if you have low porosity like me , i think there's a shampoo from aubrey organics that has protein not too much or too little just enough ,and shea moisture's black jamaican castor oil mask i think it has silicones tho