How do I style my 3b chin length curls for a low maintenance college girl world?!

I am going to college soon and I really want to try and wear my curls as much as I can. I just cut my curls to about chin length because I lost a lot of hair due to illness. Do you ladies have any low maintenance tips to help grow my curls but still having a low maintenance regimine? Styling options would also be helpful!

1 Answer

  Congratulations on embarking on your college career, its a truly exciting and wonderful time.  I'm totally about that low maintenance life, and have been since I too was a college student.  Keeping short cut is a great way to make styling and haircare easier on yourself.  Ideally, you should be able to shower detangle your hair, add moisturizer and styler and get out of your dorm room in under 20 minutes.  Not interested in a wash n' go?  Sleep with a satin pillowcase or a satin cap, our pile all of your hair top the top of your head pineapple style to preserve your curls for a fe extra days.  You could also two strand twist or braid your hair for a look that lasts 2 weeks or more.  For additional easy curly hair styling suggestions, check out my Lazy Naturals column here on Naturally Curly.  Best of luck to you!