I am on thryoid medication and my hair is thinner, dry and frizzy.

Two months ago, my trip to the salon for color but left with my hair over processed.  It is so dry and frizzy now and coming out by the handful.  I'm afraid to go back to the salon.  Will a keratin treatment help or should I just have it cut short?  It is just past shoulder length. I am in desperate need of a color as my gray roots are showing and I do not want to go gray yet.

2 Answers

I have a hypothyroid condition so I totally feel your pain when it comes to thin, dry hair. When was the last time you did a protein treatment? If its been a while, then I would do one followed by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. If you've recently done one, then just deep condition. Make sure to deep condition at least once a week until your moisture level comes back. Since your hair has been color treated it'll really help. Also if you feel that your hair is over-processed then don't go to the salon to have more chemicals put in it. Try and find a milder color treatment If its a must (I've never colored my hair so I don't know much on the subject). I honestly think you should leave your hair alone. Maybe try a protective style for a few weeks to give your hair a break from all the manipulation. Good luck!
Try taking some supplements, like Biotin or Keratin. The best place to buy these at the best price is http://www.swansonvitamins.com Make sure you ask your doctor tho, I do not know the interactions between these and thyroid medication.