How do I trim my hair

my hair is halfway finger length and I can tell I need to trim it so how could I do that properly being that my hair is so short right now

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well , if you feel uncomfortable about trimming your own hair in any way , I suggest seeing a professional hair stylist that you trust .

But if you really want to do it yourself , there are a couple of ways.

First , you have to rake your fingers through your hair , and find the point of your hair that needs to be trimmed ( you will know what needs to be trimmed because it will dry, look unusual ,hair will snag on your fingers , or feel bad to the touch )

Once you know where it needs to be trimmed , just take a pair of hair cutting shears ( NOT regular scissors ) and snip away .

I personally blow dry and flat iron my hair when I want a trim because when your hair is straight it is easier to tell what needs to be trimmed .

If you want to cut your hair while it is in it's curly state ,I would  recommend    going to a barber shop ( or unisex shop)and have them do it since your hair is so short and might be too hard for you to do with scissors . Cutting your hair with clippers seems to be the easiest way to trim short hair .

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